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    I just purchased EZ Rain and downloaded your Controller EZRain Configuration Software. I disassembled my current wired in 6 valve sprinkler automated system and installed your module and appropriate transformer in its place. I have a total Insteon system in my home and a PLC module programmable from my PC as well that controls and keeps programmed timers for all my Insteon switches. I also have the ControLinc and RemotLinc successfully controlling my Insteon switches. All the Insteon devices are recognized on my PC and functions well through Smarthome’s HouseLinc program and the PLC-USB. HouseLinc sees your EZRain module as an unkonwn device even though HouseLinc will not work with it.


    Your EZRain configuration utility shows “ready” when the ID code is entered in configuration and reset. The PLC ID number is also registered and initialized. However, nothing happens in the zone & program control. Every time I try and store information, the “busy” status shows and nothing happens no matter how long I let it alone. Signing off your utility program causes a brief window showing error lines.

    Why won’t your equipment function? All other Insteon products work fine except your EZRain. I need your configuration utility to create programs that will be recognized by the PLC. Give me full and specific directions please.

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    Please download the Simplehomenet Utility suite from our website. The only known issue with this utility is that the EZRain may not show as “connected” after you enter the ID. Please also make sure you enter the EZRain Insteon ID as xx.xx.xx without an “enter”. If you still have problems, please call our support line.

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    A simplehomenet tech helped me on the phone. I uninstalled Smarthome’s downloaded EZRain Configuration Utility. I installed the simplehomenetutilitysuite software in its stead. My Insteon system and the EZRain module works fine. I programmed a timer to turn Program 1 on later today. I will see if that works with my PLC from Smarthome. I understand that the EZBridge is a better option once Simplehomenet provides zone timers for its utility softward to control Insteon switchlincs in groups?

    Now, so far, I am liking the EZRain sprinkler control. I will see later when my PC is off how well the timer works in the PLC-USB unit that also controls switchlinc timers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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