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    It’s been on my todo list for far too long, but this weekend I decided to hook up my EZIO8T outputs to control my drip irrigation system. I’m using the Simplehomenet utility to control it. When I activate one of the outputs it correctly turns on the valve, but it turns itself off a couple seconds later. According to the config regs on the right of the EZIO screen, the output timers are not enabled, nor are they in seconds. What’s also strange is that I can’t set any of the config reg values and get them to stick. I’ve tried reading and writing all the various bits there, but they always come back as not set.
    I am able to set the value of the output timers, however. So, I’ve tried setting the timers to various high numbers (up to 255), but the valve always turns itself off after just a few seconds.

    I’ve tried hitting the factory reset in the utility, but that also doesn’t seem to do anything as I still read the modified output timer values.

    Creating a scene on the EZServe to enable an output also doesn’t seem to work.

    I’ve also been unable to set the X10 house code to try that method of enabling the outputs.

    Is it possible the device has just gone south on me?


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    Responding to my own post…

    I see from the traffic monitor, that when I try to turn on an output, it sends a command like:

    2 To ID:08.9D.C3 flags:0F cmd1:48 cmd2:1

    According to the EZIOxx docs, shouldn’t cmd1 be 45, not 48?

    Nevermind. It looks like cmd 48 provides a bitmask to enable multiple outputs at once. The bits set do seem to correspond with the individual output I want to control.

    I’ll keep digging.

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    You might try the hardware reset procedure. Unplug the EZIO8T, hold the Set button while plugging the device in. I think it is a 10 second hold but check the quick start guide. The fact that you cannot link along with all the other symptoms suggests maybe a communication problem. Try moving the EZIO8T closer to the computer and see if you can get the Config Reg results you are looking for. My EZIO8T is packed away (replaced by an EZIO2X4 years ago). I’ll dig it out and see how the register and output timer values work on mine. It was installed in a detached garage originally controlling and monitoring garage door operation so I assume I was able to set the needed values at the time. I’ll post back tonight after running some tests.

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    I have been able to Read and Write the Configuration Register options. Remember that to actually have the register values saved across a power drop it is necessary to click on the yellow “Save Changes” button. My EZIO8T is years old, firmware Connected v3.

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    Grif, thanks again for the help. I physically reset the device and can now control it from the utility. I probably should have tried that yesterday, I just didn’t want to crawl to the back of the shed to do it…

    But, I’m now trying to set up a scene to control it from the EZServe (v1.60, I’m done playing with betas for a while…).
    I set the EZServe as a controller and the EZIO8T as the responder with:
    LD1: 00 LD2: 00 LD3:02
    to turn on output 3.

    When I try to turn on the scene from the device control screen, nothing happens and I see this command sent from the utility:
    flags:23 cmd1:26 cmd2:18

    That didn’t sound quite right.

    I thought that LD1 corresponded with cmd1, and so on, so that I could set my scene like this:
    LD1: 45 LD2: 02 LD3:00

    This should turn on output 3. But, no luck there either.

    I’m giving up for the night, but I’ll try and pick up tomorrow.

    Thanks again for all your help, grif!

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    The 00,00,02 value for LD1/LD2/LD3 looks correct. The values are stored in the “responder to” link record in the EZIO8T when the Scene was created through EZSrve. When you did the hardware reset this link record would have been lost. It is necessary to do a SYNCH DEVICE for the EZIO8T to get the “responder to” link record restored. Use the Manage Device Links of the SHN Utility to Display the link records in the EZIO8T to confirm that the link record exists.

    The SHN Utility is not meant as a generalized Insteon trace so what you see under Insteon Traffic is not a good representation of what EZSrve issued to turn On the Output 3 Scene. If you have a PLC you can start SMD3 and watch the Insteon traffic through the SDM3 window,

    There is no correlation between LD1/LD2/LD3 and cmd1/cmd2. The LDx values are stored in the “responder to” link record when the Scene was created. You do not see the LDx values move over the powerline when the Scene/Group is controlled. Only the EZIO8T looks at the LDx values stored in the link record when a Group command sequence is issued when the Scene is turned On or Off.

    What you should see if you are able to view the Scene/Group control commands issued by EZSrve when you turn the Scene On is as follows…

    Group Broadcast
    from Insteon address – EZSrve address
    to Insteon address – Unit number you assigned to EZSrve when Scene created
    Flags 0xCx – the C value indicates a Group Broadcast command
    Cmd1 0x11 – an Insteon ON command
    Cmd2 0x?? – Group number – this is the Unit number you assigned to EZSrve when Scene created

    Group Cleanup Direct
    From Insteon address – EZSrve address
    To Insteon address – EZIO8T address
    Flags 0x4x – the 4 indicates a Group Cleanup Direct command
    Cmd1 – 0x11
    Cmd2 – Group number – this is the Unit number you assigned to EZSrve when Scene created

    This is the SDM3 trace from when I turned On the EZSrve Scene through Device View/Control. Note that the Group/Unit number is 0x24 which is the Unit number I assigned to the Scene when I created the Scene to turn on Output 3.

    PLC:receiveinsteonraw=02 06 4C A5 00 00 24 CB 11 24 Group Broadcast
    PLC:receiveinsteonraw=02 06 4C A5 05 93 59 41 11 24 Group Cleanup Direct

    When the EZIO8T receives the Group command sequence for Group 0X24 it searches the link database in the EZIO8T for matching “responder to” link record. If it finds a match to the EZSrve address and Group 0x24, it uses the LD1/LD2/LD3 values from the link record to determine what action to take in combination with the Insteon command. An ON command in this case should turn on Output 3.

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