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    Just a FYI. I’m using the EZIO8T in a way not mentioned in the documentation. I needed a way to control a device with a wired push-button remote. The remote had a common wire, and 4 other wires that were connected via buttons to the common to cause an action.

    The docs imply the only way to use an EZIO8T’s outputs is to have an AC power source, which provides triac controlled AC to the 8 output ports. This obviously didn’t suit my needs, and I didn’t want to mess with AC controlled relays to do DC switching.

    So instead, I connected the common wire to pin 12, and the 4 button wires to outputs 1-4. It works great. The triacs have a low enough resistance when active to trigger the device. It is effectively being used as low current relays with a common wire. (I’m using this on powered drape controllers)

    Pin 12 is one of the “AC” power inputs, and goes to each of the triacs.

    I thought I’d mention this because it could be useful as a way to avoid having to use relays with very low current switching. Note that this method is unfused.

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    Thanks PeterW for the tip. It’s good to see unconventioanl applications..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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