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    I am interfacing with EZIO8SA through a PLM, talked to via the Powerlink V2 and Indigo 3.02 on a Mac.

    When I command the outputs on the unit, they switch on but do not stay on. The time on is variable from about 1 second to about 10 seconds.

    I have tried enabling and disabling the automatic shutoff, no changes.

    Anyone seen this behaviour? A specific procedure I should follow and I’m missing?

    Alain (Montreal, Canada)

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    Since no one has jumped in yet, I would first suggest a Factory Reset to be sure all settings are as we think they are.

    Next is what commands are you using to control the outputs; Direct commands or Group commands using a link between Indigo and the EZIO8SA? How many outputs are showing the results you are seeing? Do you have the ability to trace the Insteon message traffic?

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    One more question – what is connected to the output?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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