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    Hardware: EZIO8SA v14 (according to SHN Utility Suite 1.5) and PLM firmware 2.4

    I’ve got two 12v signals going into inputs 2 & 3 on my EZIO8SA. I can activate those two signals (they come from a keyfob via an ELK M1G alarm system) and can see them changing state in the SHN Utility Suite. Input 2 triggers a group command that turns on the outside lights. That works fine. I want input 3 to trigger output/relay 3 in order to open the garage door. I cannot get that to work. In the SHN Utility, I have tried checking the “Actuate Output” checkbox for input 3, but it doesn’t seem to work. (I wonder if I have old firmware that pre-dates that feature?) ..Anyways.. How can I activate output/relay 3 when the input 3 state changes?

    Additional info:

    In the configuration register, I currently have “Set timers in seconds”, “Broadcast on Status Change”, and “Enable output timers” checked.

    Another strange problem that I am having is that my group command on input 2 doesn’t seem to work if I change any of the output timers to a value of 0 (disabled?). *shrug* ..This isn’t bothering me right now, but I have a hunch that something is wrong here.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Please note that the input/output crosslink was introduced in version 2.0 of the EZIO as an additional feature. Our policy for upgrading is simple. If you bought the unit from us, simply return it with a note and all you sales details inside the box and we’ll upgrade it at our expense and return it to you by USPS priority mail. If bought from our distributors, please enclose either a pre-paid return label or a check for $7 payable to Compacat International, Ltd.

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    Awesome.. Thank you! It’ll be headed your way, and when I get it back, I look forward to living in a state of home automation nirvana!

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