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    Two questions about the 1-wire interface.

    1. In lots of posts SimpleHomeNet have mentioned that the EZIO8SA will support more than one 1-wire device at some point. But it is not clear from those posts if this support is now available and if a (firmware) upgrade can be used? (I purchased my unit in summer of 2009). I’d really like to monitor the inside and outside temperature, but don’t want to buy two EZIO8SAs.

    2. If I do connect a single 1-wire DS18B20 to the EZIO8SA how to I access the current temperature from programs in my Universal Devices ISY99? Or can I only program with the EZIO8SA to send an INSTEON on or off command when the temperature goes above or below a certain set-point which the ISY99 can react to? (I want the functionality that was available in the old X10 Temp Link which sent the temperature as a DIM %)


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    The EZIO8SA supports a single 1-wire temp sensor. Although there were plans to add addition 1-wire sensor support years ago I believe those plans were scrapped long ago.

    The 1-wire temp cannot be access in an ISY Program. Same it true for Analog Input analog values. Neither the 1-wire input nor the 2 analog inputs can be configured for the optional non digital operation and the respective values cannot be accessed by an ISY Program.

    UDI did a post today indicating no plans to add support for either 1-wire or analog.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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