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    I am multiplexing my EZIO8 inputs by using one EZIO8 output that drives external relays to bank switch6 of the EZIO8 inputs from a first set of 6 input signals to a second set of 6 input signals (4 digital, 2 analog).
    Hence several inputs can change at once. My ISY does not get a report of all of the inputs that change. I hooked up simple home net and ran the following test:
    Inputs start at states 000010 (analog 1 is at 1) and I switch my output caused the states to simultaneously change to 110000 (Digital Inputs 1 and 2 change to 1).
    I would like to learn from the RAW PLM dump whether the EZIO8 is simply not sending all the changes that occur or whether the ISY-PLM-PLM-EZIO8 link doesn’t get them to the ISY.

    I did not find information about what the meaning of the raw plm formats are. I found the INSTEON command list but it does not appear to describe messages generated by the EZIO8. Where can I find documentation of the Raw PLM dumps?
    I tried to upload a pdf and jpg version of my raw dump for one test. But the forum does not allow that. I could not find information in the FAQS for the forum as to which types of files are allowed for uploading.
    Jim Lamb

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    The messages from the EZIO8SA Inputs are Scene/Group messages. Insteon allows only one Scene/Group to run at a time, cancelling one Scene in favor of the next. Not unique to the EZIO8SA. If it was possible to press the paddle of two SwitchLincs at the same exact instant only one would report. Not sure if that is the problem as I did not follow the explanation of multiplexing.

    Suggest changing each Input one at a time to verify that each Input is reporting state changes to the ISY. The ISY only understands digital mode so if the analog inputs are set up for analog mode the Alarm settings need to be established. If the analog inputs are not used they need to be connected to EZIO8SA Gnd so they do not float. The analog inputs have no built in pullup resisters so they will generate false state change messages if not locked to Gnd.

    The Utility trace has to be posted as simple text. The Insteon commands specific to the EZIOxx family of devices can be found in the Download section. Not sure you will find much detail about PLM message formats as SmartLabs considers that information confidential. You can get a Developer Subscription but that requires an NDA be signed which precludes sharing of the information publicly.

    In general the 0262 is the beginning of an outbound message.
    16B0CC is the Insteon address of the device to receive the command
    03 are flags and hop counts
    28 is cmd1
    00 is cmd2

    1 :8 0262 16B0CC 032800

    The PLM echoes each command which is the following message with the 06 appended.

    1 :9 0262 16B0CC 032800 06

    0250 in an inbound response to the command issued
    16B0CC is the Insteon address of the device
    13AC99 is the Insteon address of the PLM
    2B are flags and hop counts
    28 is cmd1
    00 is cmd2

    1 :11 0250 16B0CC 13AC99 2B2800

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    There are some good information links on this web site. Including the older version of the Modem Developers Guide.

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    Thank you very much grf091 and BLH for you help and clues on reading the Trace provided in SHN

    The examples of messages helps a lot. I did download the “EXIOXX Insteon and X10 Messages/Commands” some time ago and have been using it to try to understand what is going on.

    I have the following questions about the following two messages:
    1) 1 : 11 0250 1F243F 00000A CB1100
    I take this to be sending Cmd1: 11 and Cmd 2: 00 from device 1F243F.
    Command 11 in the document cited above identifies this as a Standard Length ALL-Link (GROUP?) Messages/Commands, and explains it to “recall and activate ALL-Link state for number in Cmd 2”. Cmd 2 is 0 so the group number is 0
    But 00000A does not look like a device address. What is it? What does “recall and activate ALL-link state” mean?
    2) 1 : 11 0250 1F243F 1F24D7 41010D
    I take this to be sending Cmd1: 1 and Cmd 2: 0D from 1F243F to 1F24D7
    Cmd 1 in the document cited above says command 1 is used during an INSTEON linking session and assigns a status snapshot to an ALL-Link group. There is no linking session going on since this message is initiated by a change of input to the EZIO8 running under SHN utility.
    What does “assigns a status snapshot” mean?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    PS – an explanation of how my inputs change simultaneously: when my EZIO8 output relay #7 changes state, the output signal causes a relay (an electronic switch) to switch digital input #1 from one input signal wire to another input signal wire. This same relay also changes digital input #2 from one signal wire to another signal wire, and so on for digital inputs 1-4 and AN1 and AN2. The relay (switch) contacts are all moved at the same time (plus or minus a few milliseconds) by the one output relay signal #7. Hence, any number of inputs to the EXIO8 can change “simultaneously” (within milliseconds. This allows one EZIO8 to handle 8 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs, but only 4 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs are read at any one time. In my system, determining the values of the signals every 15 seconds or so is sufficient. This action results in the transmittal of only one or two of the input changes, instead of all of them, due to their simultaneous occurrence, so I am now using a query command a few seconds after the relay is switched to determine the actual input values.

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    I mentioned that the Input sends a Scene/Group message. The internal reference material will refer to the messages as Group messages. Scene is a term Smarthome uses in its external end user material. Scene and Group refer to the same thing with Group being used in all the SmartLabs reference material.

    A Group protocol sequence is made of a

    Group Broadcast message that is received by all linked responders. This message allows all responders to react simultaneously. This is a Group Broadcast message

    1 : 11 0250 1F243F 00000A CB1100

    0250 inbound message to PLM
    1F243F Insteon address of device sending message
    00000A is the Group number of the Input. ISY assigns Group numbers to Inputs starting with 09. The 0A indicates Input2 is sending the message
    CB flags and hop counts – Cx is flag bits that indicate a Group Broadcast.
    11 On command in cmd1
    00 cmd2 NA

    The Group Broadcast is not sent to any specific device so there is no ACK associated with it.

    The next message in a Group protocol sequence is a Group Cleanup Direct. One of these is sent to each linked responder.

    1 : 11 0250 1F243F 1F24D7 41010D

    0250 inbound message to PLM
    1F243F Insteon address of device sending message
    1F24D7 is PLM address
    41 flags and hop counts – 4x flag bits that indicate a Group Cleanup Direct
    11 On command
    0D Group number of Input – with an ISY this would be Input 5

    Assign a snapshot is a feature that allows a combination (snapshot) of EZIO8SA relays to be turned On/Off with a single On command. The ISY does not support this feature

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    My apologies, obviously my response to this message was wrong.

    1 : 11 0250 1F243F 1F24D7 41010D

    The cmd1=01 is not the expected command code. Check the Input information as the Off to On and On to Off command codes can be set to whatever the application is expecting. Without seeing the entire message sequence associated with the Group Cleanup Direct the cmd2=0D could also be wrong. 0D is a valid Group number but it would be expected to match the Group number in the Group Broadcast.

    I suggest cycling each Input individually to verify the each Input message sequence. Then evaluate multiple Inputs changing state at the same time

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