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    >> MESSAGE COPIED FROM TECHMALL << Paul, The EzIO2x4 appears to work correctly this time. Yay! Please let Al know that I’m sending the old one back tomorrow (he didn’t give me an RMA number, so I’m not sure what to put on the box other than his name). Question for you guys: How do I configure I3 and I4 for dry contacts? I’m already using the +5VDC terminal to power I1 and I2 (with dry contacts). Is there enough power in the unit to let me use the +5VDC for I3 and I4, too, even with a pair of pull-up resistors supplying +2VDC (+1VDC each for I3 and I4) at all times? I’m thinking the easiest circuit for I3 is this: +5VDC to one end of a 1/4 watt resistor
    +5VDC to one side of the dry contact
    The other side of the resistor to I3
    The other side of the dry contact to I3

    This will give me whatever the resistor supplies to I3, except when the dry contact closes and shorts the resistor, giving me the full +5VDC to I3.

    I4 would be the same thing.

    So … what value resistor do you recommend?

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    NOT QUITE. The issue is that I3 and I4 present a higher impedance and the resistor would not drop the voltage significantly. The best scheme (described below generically for each input) is to pull up with a resistor to +5V and then allow the switch to pull down the input to GND when closed.

    – Do not enable I3 and I4 for analog. They’ll default to digital
    – Place a 10K resistor with one side to the +5V and the other side to the corresponding input (I3 or I4).
    – Place the switch (dry contact) with one side to the corresponding input (I3 or I4) and the other side to GND.

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    Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

    Follow-up question: Is there something special about I4? I have no problem tap-linking inputs 1, 2, and 3, to Insteon responders, but when I try to tap-link I4, the 2×4 freezes or acts strangely (not consistent) and needs to be unplugged/replugged to start working again.

    To reproduce:

    1. Hold SET button on 2×4 for 10 seconds
    2. Release SET button, see if LED goes off
    3. If LED is off, tap SET button x times
    4. LED should start fast/bright blink, enter Insteon linking mode
    5. On responder, hold SET button or paddle until link happens

    This works if the value of x is 1, 2, or 3. If the value of x is 4, then step 4 never happens. The LED on the 2×4 either comes on solid (or maybe is just blinking VERY fast, flicking solid on).

    I’ve gone ahead and tried step 5 just in case it was a problem with the blink timer, but it doesn’t work. Eventually I fired up another machine and watched the signals; the group enrollment broadcast is never sent.

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    Follow-up on the 10K resistor:

    Works like a champ in the lab. Will be deploying to a real installation this week.


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