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    I have been trying in vain to link and control the device with Indigo 2.0 connected through a Powerlinc V2. After reading the instruction for the EZIO2x4 I tried putting the device into linking mode as a input device but every way I get the same message in the log.

    Apr 1, 2007 11:38:58 AM
    PowerLinc Linking – received module button pressed from 08.9C.04
    PowerLinc Linking – device address 08.9C.04 already exists in PowerLinc’s database
    PowerLinc Linking – sending ping request for device information
    PowerLinc Linking – received ping response from 08.9C.04
    PowerLinc Linking – retrieving firmware version
    PowerLinc Linking – no match found for device type ID 1795 with firmware version 0.0
    Error linking failed
    PowerLinc Linking – entering linking mode (240 seconds)

    Is there another way to link the device to home automation software?

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