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    I have noted other people with a similar problem to mine, in this forum, but I have tried all of the suggested solutions with no change in my problem.

    I have two EZIO2X4 units. I use them to sense motion sensor responses. The digital inputs on both units, have the high side input connected directly to the internal 5VDC voltage output. The low side of the digital inputs are connected, through a diode, to my sensor outputs, which get switched to ground (thru a relay). These inputs are grounded, most of the time, and this ground is removed when a sensor senses motion. The diode is necessary because I also use this connection for other signal control and I do not want to put voltage back on these inputs. I have no problem with voltages on the inputs as the voltages, on these inputs, come within a signal diode’s voltage of either 5 VDC or ground. On the analog inputs, I have a 4.7 K resistor pull up resistor going to the 5 VDC voltage. The return side is tied to ground. This high side of this input also goes through a diode to the same type of circuity to which the digital inputs are connected. I have no problem reading the status of these voltages, by using a query command, on my ISY994I unit. However, I can not get any automatic updates from my two units without the query command.

    I have used your Smartenit Utility suite to set up both of these devices to the proper thresholds and the units seem to respond properly to these settings. However, one of the units has problems accepting some of my settings and I have to apply the settings several times and I then must read the settings numerous times before I get back the same status for the settings, that I sent. I do not have this problem with my other unit. However, both units seem to be responding the same to the changes in input signals.

    I have tried factory resets on these units, numerous times, and have deleted and reinstalled these devices, on my ISY994I unit, many times, as well, with no change in the results. I have done all this with and without using the Smartenit Utility suite to set up both of these devices and the only change, in the results, is that the analog outputs do not work until I set them up with this utility. In either case I still get no output statuses without a query.


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    Hello Jerry,

    I apologize profusely that this post has not been answered yet! It slipped under my radar, unfortunately…but for all reading this, our support@smartenit.com email or phone support 949-429-3303 is always the fastest method to have questions answered.

    So, it sounds like you’ve done everything correctly and in the past when we’ve had customers observe the same issue with the device not reporting status change, adding the device to the ISY again solved that problem. You’ve tried that already, so what I would recommend is sending your device to us so we can put it under test, assuming you’re still within the warranty period.

    If you happen to be outside of the warranty period, we do have the out-of-warranty service – https://smartenit.com/product/upgrade-repair/

    Thank you for your patience and I hope we can resolve this issue quickly for you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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