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    I am using the EZIO2X4 for garage door control along with Universal Devices ISY99 controller. I’ve got two garage doors and have magnetic sensors on each door that input into the I1 and I2 inputs and properly detect door open and closed. The ISY99 is properly detecting the open and closed states and is properly controlling opening and closing the doors as appropriate and programmed. Basically, I’ve got the doors programmed to automatically close after 5 minutes.

    I am wanting to add an AutoClose Override switch so that the program will allow the garage doors to stay open. I have connected a 470K ohm resistor between the +5V terminal and I3. I then have the switch connected between I3 and the GND terminal. When the switch is open, the ISY detects a steady On signal; however, when it is closed and I look at the ISY Admin Console, the signal continues to cycle between On and Off instead of staying in one state. Is there a way to make this work so it doesn’t keep sending out new insteon signals indicating a change in state?

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    It seems like your I3 state is working backwards. With a 2X4 I received two weeks ago, using 10K pullup resisters between +5V and I3 and I4, both inputs show OFF. Connecting each input to GRD turned the inputs ON. Perhaps such a large pullup resister value puts the + voltage in a range that is very close to the transistion between ON & OFF but a solid GND through the closed switchs put my I3 & I4 inputs in a solid ON condition. The Quick-Start Guide does indicate a 0 volt condition (GND) should put the input in the ON state.

    Is it possible that the open/close state of your switch is opposite to what you think it is? If so then try smaller pullup resisters to put the pullup voltage closer to +5V.

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