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    My EZIO2X4 is a PLM Firmware 2.4 and your utility says your firmware is V14.
    I seem to have no luck in getting an X10 House Code set in the unit.
    Any hints on doing so?
    Is there maybe a problem with that set of Frimware?
    Thank You for the help.

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    Brian, that is a bad combination. We’ll need to re-flash both the PLM and the EZIO2X4 card. Please write for an RAM.


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    Thank you for the fast reply.
    I may wait till after the Holiday.

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    Any idea on time to return my EZIO2X4 from your upgrade?
    I know Al signed for it last Friday.
    Reason I am asking. I live in a rural area and if I know a item is on its way. I can keep an eye out for it.
    Though not recently my Mail Box has been stolen from. 😥
    Update: USPS Notification in my email today.
    So I have my answer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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