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    Version 0.13 is released to beta testers. If you do not get an email, please send one to me and I will send you the image.

    1) Fixed the reset problem
    2) Should have better router connectivity
    3) Re-enabled SNTP
    4) Improved PLM Communication
    5) Improved timer performance (found a bug or two there)
    6) Some general smaller improvements as well
    7) Get Sunrise/Sunset command
    Format to get times are:

    Remember to make sure to set lat/long, date/time (if you are not using SNTP), and your time zone for a proper Sunrise/Sunset time.

    Defaults for web page:
    Login: ezserve
    Password: simplehomenet

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    Initial observations:

    Better, I can add areas and add devices to areas.


    I am having trouble controlling items from the main sceen. I highlight a device in an area and hit the on button but nothing happens.

    Under device setup if I hit the Config button on a device classified as a LIGHT, a window pops up with what looks like EZRain configurations (valve 1-10).

    Where can I set an SNTP server? I don’t see it.


    Doesn’t seem to support keypadlincs well? Is there a way to control the buttons on the keypadlinc so they go on/off when you turn on/off the linked device.

    Autoupdate from device. It would be great if when setting up a device, you could just put in the address and EZServe calls out to the device, understands what kind of device it is and automatically updates that and any links stored on the device. I’m sure your probably already working on this.

    X10 to Insteon Command Conversion. I’m sure this can be done by creating a bunch of X10 ghost devices and then creating macros but perhaps a more efficient way to do this whery you just check the box next to a house code and unit number, then select a device and a command.

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    First, there are default settings for the SNTP server. Check the time using getclock from the utility to see if they work. If not, you can use the utility for now to configure the parameters.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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