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    Oddly EZFlora stopped responding to EZServe after 3 days. I have two EZFlora units and both behave the same way. I can link to them, read timer values, write timer values but I cannot get the units to turn on values either manually control or via programs.

    This was on version 2.01
    Reset via web interface – no change

    Upgraded to 2.03 – no change
    HARD reset – no change
    Linked directly to PLM via set button on EZS – no change

    Downgrade to 1.6 – Works perfectly.

    Any ideas. I only have EZFlora installed, one area, no actions ie minimal config.

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    Ok funnies with version 1.6 – only valve 1 runs then program halts ie values 2-8 don’t operate even though run time is specified.

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    Solved – shorted valve – I guess the manual operation of the sprinkler valve (while waiting for the EZFlora) and the associated water on the solenoid from the bleeder valve caused the solenoid to short out – the solenoid is older and not plastic like the current generation.

    The shorted valve #2 would cause the PTC in the xfrmr (or EZFlora?) to trip making it appear that the EZFlora wasn’t advancing the program.

    The whole EZServe s/w version was simply the PTC reseting and making it appear like the S/W made a difference.

    Arrrgh – I wasted 5 hours TFTPing, reseting EZFlora / EZServe all for a broken sprinkler valve 🙁

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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