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    Wow! An EZFlora that interfaces a water meter directly? Yes. it is here now.
    New firmware version 2.6 now shipping that adds the ability to directly interface a 1pulse/gallon water meter via the accesory connector in an EZFlora.
    Watch for details in our website should you wish to upgrade an existing unit..

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    Not enough information. Your title implies Rain Sensor would not work prior to 2.6 but the body of the text confirms only the Water Meter. I also can’t find any documentation on what the Rain Sensor or Water Meter inputs do for you. I assume the Rain Sensor would suppress irrigation when rain is detected but that would be pretty lame because all you have to do is interrupt the 24VAC with the NC rain sensor.

    So what do the Rain Sensor and Water Meter inputs actually do? A comprehensive description would be appreciated rather than a vague assertion.

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    The Rain Sensor and Water Meter connections are made through the RJ45 jack which does not exist on earlier EZFlora devices. The first EZFlora with the RJ45 jack had Firmware v26. Latest EZFlora firmware is v28.

    The Rain Sensor stops the EZFlora from turning on Zones just as it happens with say a RainBird controller.

    The Water Meter connection bumps the Water Meter Counter for each pulse of the water meter. The commands to enable/disable the Rain Sensor and access the Water Meter counter are covered in the EZFlora commands document available in the Downloads section.

    The Simplehomenet Utility Suite EZFlora tab has buttons for enabling/disabling the Rain Sensor. The SHN Utility displays the Water Meter Counter with buttons to manage the Meter content.

    Please post again if this does not cover your questions.

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    Still doesn’t suggest what the water meter interface is for. Is intended for reading the register with one’s automation software to track water usage?

    And I guess the purpose of the rain sensor connection, in addition to the automatic suppression feature (rather than just wiring it in series with the 24VAC), is so that the automation software can read the status register and determine whether the rain sensor is tripped or not, for display or more intelligent management?

    Also, I have a device that doesn’t totally jibe with what you said about versions and hardware. It has the RJ45, but seems to have older firmware.

    Front: EZRain V2 #5010A
    Back: 3 separate stickers (besides the address sticker):
    PLM FW 85 / 0926 Rev 2.1, V1.1 / 0886, 2662PL / 0715

    So what is it? And why, in the SHN Utility, EZFlora tab, under the Insteon ID, does it say: “Connected v24 MSB:00”? What is that “v24”? Is there anything useful on that RJ45?


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    “Is intended for reading the register with one’s automation software to track water usage?”

    Yes. If water consumption is a concern irrigation can be suspended when a given quantity of water has been consumed. This would have to be part of an automation software package. I have one EZFlora connected to a pulse water meter on my house so I can track house water consumption. Water is a fixed yearly cost regardless of consumption. Likely will connect to county water at some point in the future. It allows me to anticipate water cost should the subdivision move from a well to county water.

    Never tried wiring a Rain Sensor in series with the 24 volt supply. The rain sensor I tested long ago turned On when water came in contact with the adjustable sensor. It would not have worked as a device in series with the 24 volt supply. The county required a Rain Sensor on all automatic irrigation systems. I don’t have a rain sensor installed were I am now as I pump from a lake for irrigation where there is no water usage restrictions. There is a Rain Sensor On indicator in the Configuration Register.

    SHN will have to comment next week on an EZFlora with a RJ45 jack and firmware at v24. I think v26 is the first firmware to support the Rain Sensor and Water Meter. Sounds like the EZFlora with the RJ45 jack entered the hardware distribution cycle before the firmware was available to support it. Likely that EZFlora does not have anything functional on the RJ45 jack. That is total speculation on my part. There is a fee based service to bring an old EZFlora up to the latest v28 firmware.

    The SHN Utility is displaying the EZFlora firmware level. The MSB: value is provided only with the v28 firmware. It identifies the internal PLM meory size. This information is useful for applications that read/write link records.

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