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    I purchased an EZIO6I as part of a migration plan to move from an X10/Ocelot setup toward an Insteon only setup. I am having problems setting up the EZIO6I and linking it to existing INsteon modules.

    When I follow the setup steps for linking the EZIO6I it works exaclty as described for I1, I2, and I3. THe unit goes through the seqence as follows:
    1. Press and hold SET button for 10-12 seconds — status LED turns on bright for the duration of the press and hold
    2. Upon release, status LED turns off waiting for IO point selection
    3. Press and release 1, 2, or three times to select IO point. For each press/release action the LED “winks” once
    4. Press and hold SET button 3-4 seconds. Upon release, the unit moves to linking mode and blinks full brightness about once per second. No problems linking to Insteon modules
    5. Press and hold SET button 3-4 seconds to close linking action. All work as described and the points are linked

    When I attempt to link to I4, the sequence breaks down. What I observe on the EZIO6I is the following:
    1. Press and hold SET button 10-12 seconds — Status LED turns on bright for duration of press and hold (all OK here).
    2. Release SET button and LED goes off waiting for tap and release sequence to select IO point (still OK)
    3. When I attempt to “tap and release” the button 4 times to select I4, the button “winks” with each of the first 3 taps but turns on solid when released for the forth time and before the press and for 3-4 seconds step. At this point the unit will not go into linking mode.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for any help!

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    When and where did you purchase the EZIO6I. Do you have the SHN Utility which will show the revision level of the device when the Utility connects to it. The SHN Utility requires an EZBridge/EZSrve or a PLC to communicate with the powerline plus a PC to run the Utility. The Utility is free and available on the SHN Downloads section.

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    Thanks for the quick response.

    I purchased the unit from SImpleHomeNet within the past week.

    Unfortunately I haven’t acquired a PLC or EZSrve unit yet so I can’t look into the device.

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    Timing on button presses can be a problem. You might try it again being sure all 4 button presses are close together. A pause between the 3rd and 4th press could cause what you see. There are alternatives if you could run the SHN Utility but failing that approach, if a consistent button press pattern is used but does not work, the only suggestion would be to call SHN support.

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    Good suggestion, I’ll try moving the unit to the bench where I can do a more consistent “tap”.

    I also stepped over the edge and ordered an EZSrve unit last night. Perhaps we can revisit this once I have spent some time exploring with the EZSrve.

    Thanks again for your help

    Bob H.

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