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    I have a few 1-wire thermostats of the right type but they didn’t come with the RJ-* connector.
    What is the connection diagram that the EZIO8SA expects? Which pins are used to connect which wires?



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    The connections where shown in the older Quick Start Guide. The latest one seems to no longer show it.

    You do know that only one Dallas DS18B20 chip is supported by the EZIO8SA? As shown in the EZIO8SA Quick Start Guide.

    OK from an older EZIO8SA Quick Start Guide. I doubt it has been changed in later production runs.

    RJ12 Connector on the EZIO8SA:
    Pin 1: +5 Volts
    Pins 2,4,6: Ground
    Pin 3: 1 Wire Buss
    Pin 5: No Connection.

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    I found these in my archives.

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    Hi Bert,

    Sorry for the confusion. We didn’t put that in the latest version of the quick start guide because it’s not commonly used, so we just put those diagrams in the “Resources” section of the product page –

    Thanks BLH for helping out. He should have everything he needs now. Sorry for the delay in response…I stopped getting emails when users post on the forum, for some reason. Need to check that out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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