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    I’ve wired one of my EZIO2x4’s inputs to the widget that I want to monitor, and using the set buttons configured it to turn on a lamp to test it. It reliably turns the lamp on when the voltage goes high (12vdc) and off when the voltage goes away (open circuit).

    What I want is for my EZSrve to hear messages when the EZIO2x4 detects a change on its inputs. I’ve written some Java software that runs on a PC that listens on the EZSrve’s XML port (8002). I’d like to be able to respond (have the computer do something) when the I/O port detects a change.

    Right now my Java program does not indicate that the EZSrve is seeing the messages from the EZIO2x4. I suspect it’s because the messages aren’t addressed to the EZSrve, so it’s ignoring them. I do see X10 messages, as well as Insteon messages to/from the EZSrve.

    I have the Simple Home Net suite, but haven’t manged to figure out how to use it to configure the EZSrve and/or EZIO2x4 such that I can see the EZIO2x4’s messages via the EZSrve. I can connect to the EZIO2x4 (via the EZSrve), and see the inputs’ state (on or off) via the suite.

    Can someone walk me through how to set up the EZIO2x4 (and/or EZSrve) so that I can see the messages with my Java program??? I’m relatively new to Insteon and don’t fully understand all the details of it (seems to work far better than my old X10 gear, though!).


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    You need to enable broadcasting in the EZIO2X4. When you do, the unit will send a broadcast message (that the EZSrve will receive) with a CMD1 of 0x27 and a CMD2 reflecting the status of the inputs.

    Here is the command set guide that outlines the format of CMD2

    In regards to enabling broadcast, you can send an insteon message (see the guide), or in the utility on the bottom right in the EZIO panel, you will see the ability to set the configuration of the EZIO module. First read the existing configuration, then enable broadcast, write, and then SAVE.

    Let me know if you need more.

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    Hmm… doesn’t seem to be working for me. Here’s what I’m doing…

    Start the utility suite.
    It has my EZSrve’s IP addr and port, so I click “Connect” (says “Connected to EZBridge” at bottom right).
    Switch to the EZIOxx tab.
    Select EZIO model EZIO2X4.
    Enter my EZIO2x4’s address, a shortly after it says “Connected v26” just below the address (also my Java monitoring program shows some messages between the EZSrve and EZIO2x4).
    Click on “Read” in Configuration Register.
    Messages scroll on my Java monitor.
    “Broadcast Status Chg” becomes checked (presumably it was already set).
    Just to make sure, I hit “Write” (which triggers a couple more messages on my Java monitor).
    Then I hit the yellow “Save Changes” button, and hit OK on the pop-up.
    Then I exit the utility suite.
    I trigger the widget connected to the EZIO2x4’s input.
    Test lamp goes on, then off, as expected.
    Nothing shows on my Java monitor.


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    Got it. I believe the problem is links… the PLM monitoring mode only works if you have a link to the device in the PLM.

    Do me a favor, go into the web interface and add the EZIO2X4 in the device section (this will automatically create a link between the two) and then try again.

    You can of course create links via the API, but this will be the easiest way first to make sure you can receive the broadcast changes.

    Make sure you have the latest binary installed (1.53).

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    I added the EZIO2x4 to my devices via the web interface to my EZSrve, and now I’m seeing messages with my Java monitor in response to changes at my monitored widget:

    Wed Jul 16 11:40:05 MDT 2008 InsStdMsg from 0x00.00.01 to 0x06.4E.4E, On level or group 0 (CB,11,00)
    Wed Jul 16 11:40:09 MDT 2008 InsStdMsg from 0x00.00.01 to 0x06.4E.4E, Off group 0 (CB,13,00)

    0x06.4E.4E is my EZIO2x4.

    Thanks, Paul. I’ll probably want to refine this, but for the time being this gets me going again.


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    Glad to hear it – let me know if you need more.

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