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    I’ve noticed a difference in behavior of conditions in 2.04 on my EZSrve compared to prior vesions.

    In my hands, the”window” functionality doesn’t seem to work. I have an event driven action that I don’t want to run between 9PM and midnight. So I set up an action with a single condition with the trigger event entered in the Device area, and “window” selected in the “At Time” dropdown, 00:00:01 selected as “Start Time” (you can’t choose 00:00:00), and 21:00:00 set as “Offset Time”. With 2.03 if the trigger event occurs outside the 9-midnight window, the action occurs. Otherwise it doesn’t.

    When I loaded 2.04, this action didn’t work at all (I could see the trigger event occuring in the Control window of the SHN Utility but no effect). If I changed the condition so that “Anytime” was selected for “At Time” there was no effect. I deleted and reentered the entire action set to occur any time the trigger event occured. At that point it worked.

    I did note that the 2.04 wouldn’t allow me to select “Hol” with all of the weekdays (I had most of my conditions set that way). Removng H from the days field in the actions file didn’t make a difference with the action problem above.

    Unfortunately, my EZSrve still seems to be very sensitive to modifying actions; after trying several alternative combinations with a different device and X10 test trigger the device hung and required TFTP recovery. I didn’t think to try to separate the trigger and time criteria into separate “anded” conditions until writing this post. I may try that when I have a little more time.

    Has anyone made condition windows work in 2.04?

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    The handling of Days= with specific days of the week and Holiday was changed at 2.04. They should have been mutually exclusive options, were/are mutually exclusive in the Flex client, but were accepted by the HTML, even though only the Holiday option was stored in the XML. The HTML stored the specific days of the week in the flash memory Action definition even though that information was not stored in the XML. That resulted in the Action triggering on non-holiday days because of the specific days bits being on. Once the EZSrve was Restarted, the Action would now trigger only on holidays because the flash memory Action definition was built from the XML on the Restart.

    The individual Conditionx Device/At Time were explained to me as being ORed. I tried a definition where Condition1 is a Device X10 A03 ON, ANDed with Condition2 which has an At Time: Window 15:00:00 with a 15 minute Offset value. I thought I had tested this at 2.03 and found it working. It is not triggering on 2.04.

    EDIT: I decided I would test 02.03 to confirm that Action worked at that level. Found I could not display the Server Administration screen to get to the image upload function. Unplugged/plugged EZSrve which did allow me to get to Sever Administration screen again. Tested the Action on 02.04 after the power cycle and the Action did trigger with the At Time: Window option ANDed as Condition2.

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    Thanks for looking into this. I will try to set up ANDed conditions retest in 2.04.

    Interestingly, with 2.03 I found that checking all of the weekdays plus the holiday box did store Days=”SMTWRFAH” in the actions.xml file. I edited the “H” out of these before the last time I tried 2.04. Hopefully a non-issue now.

    Thinking back over my epsiodes of EZSrve instability / hangs / reboot loops, I’d say that I was doing something with actions a significant percentiage of the time. 2.03 seemed to be more stable than prior 2.xx firmware in that regard. Is your experience similar?


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    I did find the 02.03.xx images much better than the earlier 02.xx images. There was one or more file related issues in the earlier images that showed up in Actions and maybe Devices that the 02.03 image resolved. There were a few more 02.03.xx images generated that were not generally available. One of those 02.03.xx images dropped the specific days from the Days= XML tag when Holiday was selected but the HTML GUI interface was not changed to reject that combination, even though the specific days were no longer stored in the XML. The 02.04 image added the logic on the HTML side to display an error message if specific days and Holiday were selected. That made the HTML GUI reaction consistent with the Flex client and with what was being stored in the Days= tag. With the much better function available with the Adobe Flash, If you check the Holiday box under the Flex client, the specific days are cleared or maybe grayed, something that visually indicates they are not active when Holiday is checked.

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    Thanks for the detailed info…

    I did try ANDed conditions as you suggested but unfortunately without success… After upgrading, I tried rebooting, deleting and reentering the action, and finally resetting and reloading the xml files. I retested at each step. As soon as I add the window condition the action fails to fire. The xml for the action is:

    Even though I could see the MstBthTL event in the SHN Utility, I set up an X10 test to recreate your test. Unfortunately, even with an X10 triggered condition ANDed with a window, the action doesn’t fire.

    (At least no crashes so far tonight)

    Any suggestions?


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    I spoke too soon…

    I woke up this morning and realized that I hadn’t resynced the PLM, so the EZSrve responder link to the Insteon trigger wasn’t there after the reset step that would have cleared the PLM links (shouldn’t have effected the X10 test though).

    Anyway I went ahead and tried to sync the EZSrve PLM device links and ended up in reboot loops. So far I’ve been unsuccessful getting it back up with my XML settings on 2.04 (still having reboot loops).

    Out of time now… have to go back to 2.03 for the time being.

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