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    I’m looking for an idea on what appears to be a very simple macro but I haven’t been able to execute it correctly. I’m looking to do the following:

    I would like to turn my outside lights on at 7am only if it is between sunset and sunrise. This is an issue because during some times of the year, sunrise is before 7am and in the winter months, it is after. I have tried to configure a macro which looks at a device that remains on the entire time between sunset and sunrise.This approach doesn’t work as I believe the issue here is that the macro looks for a change in state as opposed to device status. I have no way of putting two conditions together for this event…example both true: between sunset and sunrise AND at 7am.

    Any ideas are welcome.

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    When/how do you want to turn the device off?

    Define a Timer to turn on outside lights at 7:00 AM. Define a Macro that is triggered by the outside lights being turned on, a When: Between Sunrise and Sunset, that turns the outside lights off. If 7:00 AM is after Sunrise the outside lights will turn off immediately. You may see a flash of the outside lights if 7:00 AM after Sunrise.

    An alternative is to use a LampLinc with nothing plugged into the LampLinc which the Timer turns on at 7:00 AM. The Macro is triggered by the LampLinc being turned on, uses a When: Between Sunset and Sunrise, turning on the outside lights. This turns on the outside lights only if 7:00 AM is before Sunrise. No flash of outside lights. Use another Timer to turn off outside lights at Sunrise.

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    Thanks for the reply. Good idea and should work for me.

    I have a photo sensor that turns the lights off when it gets light and is also backed up by a sunrise timer. These are pretty straight forward to implement.

    Thanks for the ideas!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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