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    woo hoo – this looks like a nifty little box

    but i am a noob on rf and have a few questions

    i see it can learn codes of transmitters other than dakota – what are the requirements of the transmitter? like frequency and format – is there a list of transmitters that are compatible?

    does it work with both active and passive transmitters?

    thanks for the patience and education of a noob

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    I believe it only uses dakota remotes and can decode the 12 bit code set inside the remote by switches.
    Searching the Smarthome web site and other Automation and Security sites will find the dakota WMT-3000 remotes and some have downloadable manuals. The dakota web was down this morning. I may try there again.
    Dakota uses 433.92 Mhz RF Frequency. Which is not the frequency used by the Insteon RFLincs and maybe in the future a real Insteon Remote. X10 uses 310 Mhz.

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    The unit was designed to work with Dakota Alert’s Series 3000 transmitters only. If a unit is a compatible transmitter, you are fine.

    I would ask though, when looking at the RF and Dakota’s product line – is there something missing? What are you trying to do? We at SimpleHomeNet want to know if there our features or elements you need from our product line that we are not delivering.

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    someone posted the link to the device elsewhere and there was some speculation about its capabilities – i decided to ask the nerds – i mean – i decided to ask the experts that made the device 😉

    i did not have an application in mind – but was looking at how the device could be used in my home either as a new function or to replace my x10 devices – the web site has been down for a few days – when it is available again, i’ll look at their transmitters

    hopefully, it will lead to convergence of some the rf devices – i have a keyfob that will open the garage door and arm/disarm my security system, another for the car and another for transmitting x10

    i have never been a motion sensor kinda guy – i am thinking my bladder would refuse to cooperate if my brain was counting the seconds until the lights go off – kinda interested in rfid proximity technology – some guys over at the homeseer forum are birthing a product that i was reading about – maybe some day

    i have read lots of comments from people wanting a rf remote to interface to their insteon network – sounds like this device accepts rf and talks insteon on the powerline – that’s half the puzzle – so now that we know you guys have conquered that hurdle, we’ll be watching for more

    thanks for the reply

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    Similar to the Dakota Alert setup is the Voice Alert VA-6000 (Smarthome item 7138), and the Optex sensor (Smarthome 7317).

    Does anyone know if these sensors/transmitters can work with the SimpleHomeNet EXSnsRF receiver, like the Dakotas do?

    I did some checking. The Voice Alert transmitters transmit at 433.92MHz, which is the same as the Dakota Alert – so it looks like the Voice Alert transmitters should work.

    The Optex transmits at 418MHz. Can the RF receiver “learn” that frequency (and others), and thus, work with the Optex?

    I have been using 6 Optex sensors triggering X10 events for a few years now, and are very happy with them. I am converting to Insteon, so I am interested in the RF receiver.

    Can someone confirm the functionality of the Optex and VA-6000 transmitters?

    Thank you.

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    Well, the RF module has only been tested with Dakota Alert products. As far as Voice Alert – it may work, we don’t know (untested). If you do try it, we would love to know the results.

    You cannot “tune” the frequency on the RF module for your Optex devices.
    For your current Optex devices though, clearly the ideal is to use what is working for you. What receiver are you using? Depending on the receiver, I can think of two options:
    1) If the receiver is triggering X10 events, you can look at using the EZBridge to have those X10 events control Insteon devices (using macros) – this may be a cheaper option for you than replacing all of your sensors.
    2) If you are using something like an Optex 1000 receiver, you could use an EZIO module to catch the switch on the 1000 and send an Insteon command from action – again, a cheaper option than replacing all of your sensors.

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    Anybody know of any pocket-sized or keychain transmitters that will work with this unit?

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    At this time, there are no approved or tested keychain or handheld transmitters through simplehomenet.

    However, using the EZBridge, you can use an X10 transmitter / Receiver pair and use that to send Insteon commands using the macro functionality.

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