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    Using 1.40, my ISP had a burp where basic net connectivity was OK, but not really: could get to nameservers and ping the gateway, but not much past that. It looks like EZServe gets confused when an NTP query goes bad… mine ended up resetting its clock to (I think) Midnight, 1/1/2007. (The “I think” is because when I got home, the ISP was better but the clock wasn’t so I tried resetting the timezone and then it got good time off the net – but I didn’t write don’t what the previous clock was. All of my “sunset” timers had triggered though – before 4PM)

    minor issue at best…


    Post count: 57

    delete this thread…. I remembered about 2 milliseconds after I posted that in an attempt to fix things locally (in case something here was the cause of the network problem) I powercycled everything connected to ethernet…. including EZServe….

    So the actual problem is: if your bozo end user powercycles during a network burp EZServe isn’t smart enough to figure out what time it is all by itself….


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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