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    Are there any plans to enable SmartHome’s Insteon Moton Detector on your planned EZSrve 2.0? If so, is it running on your present beta, or is it planned when it initially rolls out to all the users?? Or is it listed as one of those things we’ll do when we have more time…

    It would be great to program the motion detector with all the new conditionals you’ve added to your macros in 2.0

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    I’m curious about this, too. I’d like to get one or two of them and have them trigger events. It sounds like with the conditional actions, it would support things like motion sensors very well.

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    Yes! we will have the ability to catch a group command event from any Insteon controller (like the motion sensor) to include in an Action condition. You can actually do this with the current version…
    The Beta version of 2.0 available on only allows for the status of the device to be in a condition. The release candidate will allow for either the Status byte or an event with the group command and the group number.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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