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    As of this coming week, we are merging the EZBridge firmware with the new EZSrve. Thus, you’ll get an Insteon/X10 IP Gateway that has a web server in addition to an enhanced EZBridge socket. Most EZBridge units that shipped for the past five weeks can run the new firmware and we’ll post it for download. If the unit does not run the new firmware (prior to boot rom 2.0) then we will be happy to upgrade it at our expense regardless of where and where you bought it.

    The new EZSrve is an integrated unit (everything fits the PLM case but with all Simplehomenet hardware) and is priced at $209.99 (slight premium over the 2-piece EZBridge/PLM Combo.)

    EZSrve represents a main cornerstone of our strategy and you can expect an ongoing enhancement of the server component over the next few months.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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