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    Thanks to all those great people that gave us feedback on the Beta version. And, a special thanks to Lee Griffith for the timely, detailed and always valuable feedback that made this possible.
    After many months of sweat and tears the official release is here. Please see the downloads section of our website to download the upgrade package that contains upgrade notes, firmware image and the DevClusters file. This last file is extremely important as it contains the information needed by EZServe to handle device specifics.

    Your ongoing support and feedback will always be appreciated!

    The Simplehomenet team

    ps: Once your EZSrve is upgraded, be sure to try the new Flash interface now in its Alpha trial. A Beta version supporting all the Simplehomenet devices is scheduled for this weekend

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    We recognize the extra pain of having to deal with the DevClusters file when upgrading. A new version has been posted that checks for a valid DevClusters file on initialization. If the file is not found, it automatically loads a default one (the current version). This eliminates the need for uploading this file during the upgrade.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience. Sometimes the engineer in us blinds us to true customer orientation..

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    As of 24-July at 23:00 PDT, the firmware download link on the EZSrve download tab references a non-existent file:

    By removing the trailing underscore, I was able to download a zip file containing 3 files:
    image.bin (firmware file), EZSrve_Release_Notes.pdf document, and DevClusters.xml

    The comment on the download tab says this is firmware V2.02.
    Is it safe to load it into my EZSrve, or was the download link changed for a reason?

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    The download tab now says 02.03 and it is pointing to a .zip file. When I unzip the package the release notes are for 02.03. I would not use whatever you downloaded if it refers to 02.02.

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