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The upgrade was not successful. I lost connectivity from the ssh session and I don’t have a physical console. I was unable to re-establish an ssh connection after the upgrade.

All of my areas were lost. I was able to create 3 new areas, but I was not able to add any devices to those areas. The UI acted as if it was adding devices – when I selected them, the “devices added to area” dialog displayed, but the device count always remained 0, and those devices were never again displayed in that area. After adding 2 areas, I was unable to add any more. Without a ssh session, I was unable to review the log file.

I removed the power and rebooted the pi. I was still receiving errors in the log about the device not being registered and retrying in 20 seconds.

I removed the zbpserver package and reinstalled from scratch. I was still unable to add areas, and the SD card became corrupted.

I am now reverting to a backup at the old version in order to at least run the wizards and have lights turn on and off 🙁