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Hi again J,

I completely agree and understand your frustration.

There were some components in the EZFlora’s PLM that were not as robust as Smarthome thought they would be. That has since been corrected and I’ve been assured from them that the longevity will be much better on PLM versions 1.C and beyond.

Are all the EZFloras you have V1.7 by chance? Those are the ones we’ve seen come back when there is an issue with the PLM dying (LED is out).

Regarding Hub compatibility…there are other options where manufacturers have taken our command set and implemented control of the EZFlora with no issues. Unfortunately, this is something I have mentioned to Smarthome many times as there is really nothing we can do to make it work with the Hub…it’s all on their shoulders. I’m surprised to hear that they’ve pointed fingers at us for this incompatibility. It sounds like it may just be a misunderstanding on the part of the support rep you had spoken to in their tech support center.

I’m very sorry for the misdirection and frustration. Since you’ve already found a replacement for your irrigation, it sounds like it’s too late for us to make you a happy customer…but if you would like to give us a chance to make it right, give me a call and we can discuss further.

Thanks again for your loyalty over the years and I sincerely apologize and regret that we’ve lost a loyal customer due to manufacturer issues beyond our control.