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Turns out the EZFlora was bad. That’s the second one I’ve had go bad approaching the 3rd watering season. $130 a pop x 2 units over 4 years = $260 to water my grass for 4 seasons. Given the unreliability of these devices, I have chosen to not purchase another one. I bought and installed a Blossom Water Controller … $130 directly from their website for a 12 valve controller + outstanding software that is significantly easier to use than the utility for the EZFlora. That solved my EZFlora problem.

Justin, I am extremely upset at how unreliable these units are. They should last more than 2 years. You obviously have manufacturing quality issues. And, when they used to work seamlessly with SmartLincs, they were a nice little solution. For the life of me, I can not understand why you and Smarthome would not work together to make this unit work with the HUB. You pointed fingers at them. They pointed fingers at you. I got sick and tired of trying to figure out what was going on and whether you all would ever transition this thing over to the HUB. I, and many others, worked together on the Smarthome boards trying to come up with solutions that would allow EZFlora to work with HUB. We failed to find an alternative. I suffered greatly as a result of having to use that god awful utility to water my lawn, instead of the HUB interface. I am upset with both Smartenit, and Smarthome for this debacle.

You got $260 from me. I got a bad experience. I’ve now gone elsewhere for home automation for irrigation, and have also started the transition away from SmartHome, Insteon as well. When you give your customers a functional product, then take it away, don’t deliver on upgrades and improvements … they tend to turn their backs on you, don’t give you repeat business.

However, Smartenit’s service is excellent. You’ve always been responsive via email and on these boards. But, your product quality leaves much to be desired. Best of luck to you and Smartenit, Justin.