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Hello JWillis,

Let’s step back a moment here…how are you communicating with your EZFlora with the Utility?

You mentioned using a static IP address and port 8002…but for what? In the utility, the entry for an IP address is for the EZServe or EZBridge…has nothing to do with your router or setting up ports.

The utility can use 1 of 3 devices to communicate with Insteon devices in your network…an old EZServe (discontinued), a PLC (model # 2414U, also discontinued) or a PLM (Our EZIComm or Smarthome models 2412 or 2413).

Do you have a PLM to communicate to your EZFlora with from the utility suite?

You referenced the Insteon Hub also, which it’s not clear what that was in response to…but you are correct, the Insteon Hub does not support the EZFlora.

Let me know if you have any other questions.