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now the local relay is now working with the relay still connected via zigbee to the gateway.

Glad to hear that!

– Some questions:
What will all the effects of deleting the binding be? For example, will deleting this binding mean the relay CANNOT be used in scenes and wizards?

The effect of deleting this binding means that the device may not report on change to the Gateway, please check and let me know.
You will still be able to use it in scenes and Wizards(effects, maybe in conditions if you see report on change of relay is working).

– will this setting update itself again at some future time and I’ll need to keep deleting it? I’ve noticed that with the Smartenit App that happens – items which were deleted mysteriously reappear again from time to time.

This binding is added by the zbpserver when the device joins the network, so if you remove the device from network and join it again, then you will have to delete the binding again, otherwise it’s good.

Thanks for your help,

Thank you for your patience ūüôā