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Hey there, finally able to update the reference for the Azela relay problem. So here’s what we need to do:

The symptom that you explained with the Azela relay is I suspect, due to binding that we write in the device. So the solution is to remove that binding. We will try to remove the binding through our iSmartenit App.

The reference file has been updated, so please open the iSmartenit App with internet connectivity so that it updates the latest reference successfully.
Follow steps below:
1. Open the iSmartenit App
2. Connect to the Gateway
3. Go to the Azela relay device settings view (Locate the device and click on it to navigate to the view where you can change the name and picture).
4. Top right is a pencil icon, click on that and then you should see Manage Links, click on manage links.
5. You will see all the Links (bindings). Delete the one with Relay and Save.
6. Go back to Manage Links and confirm if link has been deleted successfully.

Check if the local relay is working. Let me know how it goes. Thanks a lot for your patience!