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It was hard, but I patiently waited until the girls were done this afternoon to play again.


– The dimmer swipe up still stops on 95% until I swipe again. This is really no big deal… (In case it is useful info – the same thing happens if I swipe up to 50% – it displays 45% until I swipe again to 50, or any other number swiping up, it always subtracts 5% and stops there.)

Will need to play with the device to understand this, something silly related to App slider.

– The kW/kWh display is not updated until I manually hit refresh – but this might be by design? Again, no biggie.

If you want it to report automatically, then you can use the REST API and set the desired params.

– With my other dimmers (Centralite) I can set the “transition time”, but this one does not save that info properly

Something related to device, again would have to experiment with actual device and understand the problem. [will have to be added to backlog]

– I see that I can specify wizards to fire based on kW and kWh usage, awesome. I’ll play with that soon.

Cool let me know. You may need to setup reporting if its not already setup, otherwise this may not work perfectly. I’m not sure but i think ZBPServer tries to set it up automatically, though you may want to check the period or report on change in value just in case.

Even at 100% brightness all 9 LED lights that are loading this dimmer only consume 0.160kW. No way to know how accurate that it, but since 160/9 ~= 18W and that’s about what I remember these being rated for, I’ll assume it is accurate.

Sounds right 🙂

Is there any way to “reset” the accumulation number?

Not through the App. Other options:
1. Factory reset the device and join to network again
2. Try ResetToFactoryDefaults command with REST API

Thanks a lot for detailed feedback, appreciate it.