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It was hard, but I patiently waited until the girls were done this afternoon to play again. It does indeed display the kWh and kW now, that’s great!

A few other things I noticed:
– The dimmer swipe down to 0 now indeed goes fully to zero, that is fixed, thank you.
– The dimmer swipe up still stops on 95% until I swipe again. This is really no big deal… (In case it is useful info – the same thing happens if I swipe up to 50% – it displays 45% until I swipe again to 50, or any other number swiping up, it always subtracts 5% and stops there.)
– The kW/kWh display is not updated until I manually hit refresh – but this might be by design? Again, no biggie.
– With my other dimmers (Centralite) I can set the “transition time”, but this one does not save that info properly… perhaps using the default info from another device still? Would be nice to have since a 1-2 second transition time is a very nice effect smooth effect.
– “On level” on that same screen works fine and saves properly.
– I see that I can specify wizards to fire based on kW and kWh usage, awesome. I’ll play with that soon. Even at 100% brightness all 9 LED lights that are loading this dimmer only consume 0.160kW. No way to know how accurate that it, but since 160/9 ~= 18W and that’s about what I remember these being rated for, I’ll assume it is accurate. Is there any way to “reset” the accumulation number?

Thanks again, Dhawal. 🙂