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Compatibility has been added, can you please confirm that it is working through the Smartenit App.

Amazingly fast response, thank you! Indeed, the iSmartenit App does now recognize the device and give me a dimming control for it!

A few issues I noticed with it during some quick testing:

– within the App if I drag the slider all the way to 100%, it actually brightens the lights to 95%. I can then drag it to 100% again and it will go to 100%. This is consistent, so it’s not just me fat-fingering the drag. Note I can’t visually tell the difference between 95% and 100% so IDK if the lights are actually at 100% or not.

– within the App if I drag the slider to 0% it displays 5%, but actually turns the lights completely off (the difference between 5% and 0% is quite obvious). If I drag it again to 0% it now stays there. Again, this is pretty consistent.

– In a single test, I noticed that if I push the “on” button (by pressing the switch itself manually, outside the App) the App pretty quickly notices this change and updates to say 100%. But if I press the “off” button, the App doesn’t change. I can’t spend 40 minutes right now playing with the lights in the kitchen, my wife and daughter are trying to homeschool in the dining room and that’s very distracting, so this was just a single test.

– I quickly created a single test wizard in the app using the new kitchen dimmer switch as a trigger for a light in the living room, and it works! The App reports the wizard triggers 4 times for every press of the switch, could this be because I have a fairly dense ZigBee network and multiple routers are rebroadcasting the message? (wild guess on my part).

– there is no support I can see for the electrical measurement capabilities of this device – the box it came in advertises the fact that it can provide energy usage statistics over time. It would be great to add a wizard that turns the lights off after they have consumed X amount of kWh …

– While I’m at it, in general it would be nice for “dimmers” to also be able to toggle from the app without having to drag the slider – I would suggest that perhaps touching the light icon would toggle its state rather than going into edit mode, or add a small “switch” icon beside the dimmer slider. That’s probably a much bigger request, but I have quite a few dimmers and it would be nice.

Thanks again for adding support so quickly!