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Thank you Dhawal for your prompt reply. 🙂

Please excuse me if this is a very basic issue with something obvious I am missing – I have just started looking at the REST API for this. When I query it there are no capabilities associated with it:

james:~ darren$ curl http://cush:50334/devices/61383/capabilities -XGET
{ "components" : [ ], "id" : 61383, "image" : "default.png", "model" : "LZL4BWHL01 Remote", "name" : "Device (LZL4BWHL01 Remote)" }

This is not surprising since as you said there is no compatibility for this device. However, I am also showing no capabilities for my GE lights, which I can control from the iSmartenit App just fine:

james:~ darren$ curl http://cush:50334/devices/42015/capabilities -XGET
{ "components" : [ { "capabilities" : [ ], "id" : "comp1" } ], "id" : 42015, "image" : "default.png", "model" : "ZLL Light", "name" : "ZLL Light" }

I am assuming that to create a wizard (or Action as it looks like it is called in the API) I have to map the condition of the remote to an effect on the light (such as device/42015/OnOff/toggle), but not being able to see the capabilities of either device has me stumped as to what to put into the creation of the action …

It makes me wonder if I have to authenticate somehow to be able to see the detailed capabilities of the devices? The API documentation doesn’t hint at that, it’s pure speculation on my part.