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By “For more details please refer to the ZigBee Cluster Library and look up IAS Zone Cluster and the mentioned command.” you mean to look up ZigBee Alliance provided documentation available here http://www.zigbee.org/download/standards-zigbee-cluster-library/, or some documentation provided by smartenit, as I wasn’t able to find any?

Yes I meant to look up ZigBee Alliance provided documentation available here http://www.zigbee.org/download/standards-zigbee-cluster-library/

How did you parse the command? I am still not able to find it in https://smartenit.com/sandbox/downloads/ZBPCID_API.pdf. Is there “updated version” of this spec?

It looks like the documentation for a CLUSTER COMMANDS RESPONSE, General format for commands to a cluster response is MISSING. We will update the document very soon. In the meanwhile you can proceed with parsing I detailed before.

Is there any more detailed documentation for serial API interface to USB-CID beside https://smartenit.com/sandbox/downloads/ZBPCID_API.pdf ?

No, that is the only serial Api document. You will however need to use the appropriate Zigbee Alliance provided documentation when needed. For example to know that 0x00 is the Zone_Status_Change_Notification Command. And then understanding the payload values: 0x6430 0x04

Let me know if you have any other questions.