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By “For more details please refer to the ZigBee Cluster Library and look up IAS Zone Cluster and the mentioned command.” you mean to look up ZigBee Alliance provided documentation available here http://www.zigbee.org/download/standards-zigbee-cluster-library/, or some documentation provided by smartenit, as I wasn’t able to find any?
Also ZigBee cluster is something defined by standard and ZigBee Alliance, what I need in order to use it is serial API of “smartenit” device, as I wasn’t able to demistify the message from the specs provided https://smartenit.com/sandbox/downloads/ZBPCID_API.pdf . Please point me if I am wrong.
How did you parse the command? I am still not able to find it in https://smartenit.com/sandbox/downloads/ZBPCID_API.pdf. Is there “updated version” of this spec?

Is there any more detailed documentation for serial API interface to USB-CID beside https://smartenit.com/sandbox/downloads/ZBPCID_API.pdf ?