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After replacing a $.50 part, things are working a lot better now. The Simplehomenet Utility Suite is now working reliably.
Previously, it was working unreliably by reading what looked like garbage; this was due to bad connectivity between my PC PLM and the EZIO8SA PLM.

On the help in the Simplehomenet Utility Suite for “Broadcast Status Chg”, it says “If checked, an INSTEON Broadcast message will be sent to report the status of any input that is not specifically linked anywhere else”.
What does that rally mean?
In my case, this “Broadcast Status Chg” is checked but I don’t get any status updates, neither from relays nor from inputs.
If I look at the “Manage Device LInks” in the Simplehomenet Utility Suite and “Display Link Records”, I get this (after saving the dispay list as XML). Note that I have no Insteon devices with these addresses. So it is all garbage.
I was going to “Delete Link Record” them all because I fear they interfere with “Broadcast Status Chg”. Shall I just delete them?