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Hi again,

I don’t think that’s actually doable, I could be wrong if they have changed the logic to be able to trigger a Keypad scene remotely…that used to not be possible.

– Update – I received a reply back that this would not be doable.

You can definitely link an EZFlora to respond to a KeypadLinc…the only problem is you’d have to trigger the EZFlora from the Keypad itself as there isn’t a way to virtually push the keypad button. I’ve put in a email to Smarthome to see if that has changed, but you’re right, I think it would better to invest that money in a gateway that can do much more for you than having a keypad just to control your EZFlora.

But, if you have a gardner that needs manual control of the system, a keypadlinc isn’t a bad idea to have in addition.