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I am sorry to prolong this thread, but someone may have come up with a way to Control EZFlora through the HUB. Can’t you manually connect a Keypad to an EZFlora? I recall reading where users have done that. If so, you can buy and install an 8 Key Keypad for each EZFlora … go through the steps to manually assign a key to each zone … set the Keypad up as a device in the HUB … then set a Scene for each Key of the KeyPad to turn a specific Zone on or off … also set a Schedule for each Scene to automatically turn a Zone on or off at a specific time on a specific day(s) of the week. So, that would give you individual control over each Zone through the HUB, and enable you to set whole system watering cycles.

Does that sound doable Justin? I think it is.

But how do you manually assign keys of a keypad to Zones of an EZFlora? Similar to steps in setting up EZFlora in SmartLinc?

HOWEVER, given all the complexity of buying 2, 8 button keypads, finding somewhere to wire them up, and manually setting all that up … I’d rather spend the few extra bucks on a Smartenit Controller. I suspect your software would provide more functionality than the Keypad route offers, as well.

I really don’t know how well informed Cole was, or was not. He did take my number, made internal inquiry, and called me back with answers. So, he consulted with others within SmartHome about the issue too. And I agree with you Justin, there are a number of SmartHome/SmartLinc/EZFlora customers who will be facing this problem as their SmartLincs die. And I think we’re just on the front end of that wave.