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Thanks Justin.

I just now hung up from a conversation with a technical support person (Cole) at SmartHome. They tell me that EZFlora will absolutely NOT work with the HUB. And, they currently have no plans to make it work with the HUB in the future. Strangely, they do not see a need for a controller/irrigation solution. I think that’s a mistake, but who am I to question their strategic direction? That should mean more business headed Smartenit’s way as a result.

I’m going to take their word as gospel and not spend another minute trying to make HUB and EZFlora talk with each other.

They also advised that the best alternative was to go the route of buying a Smartenit controller. I am going to read up on those now, including the one you provided links to in a response above. I’ll probably have further questions of you Justin in making a decision on exactly which one is best to purchase, but I’ll open up a new topic if/when I get to that point. I suspect it best to discuss this through the forum. I know there will be a wave of others facing this issue in the future as more SmartLincs come to the end of their useful lives.

Justin, thank you for your help on this thus far.