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I understand your frustration and forgive any shortness in my replies, as I try to keep things as concise as possible on the forums.

I do not know of any way to control the EZFlora with the Hub, if there was any way that I was aware of I would have already made that information available to you and everyone else that have purchased the EZFlora and the Hub. As I mentioned, I have made multiple attempts to request that Smarthome will implement EZFlora control in the Hub but have gotten no where.

We were given a document from Smarthome on how to make the Smartlinc work with the EZFlora, so I redistributed that to our customers when there was an inquiry. I don’t want to say that it DOES NOT WORK with the Hub, because I’m not aware if they have made any improvements since I last spoke to them and they do not communicate that information as readily as we would hope.

There is NO issue with having multiple controllers in an INSTEON network…I’ve been working with INSTEON nearly since it’s inception, having previously worked at Smarthome. Any issues would arise from trying to control the same responders from multiple controllers at the same time. Ex. you would not trigger the EZFlora to turn on at sunset from two different controllers. If they’re all doing different things at different times, however, there is no issue.