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1. I don’t know the market share each home automation controller has within the marketplace. I’d have to believe though that SmartLinc and HUB are near the very top. And, your EZFlora product is sold by Smarthome. Plus, it had worked very well with the SmarthHome Smartlinc controller, and you all had provided detailed instructions on how to connect the EZFlora to the SmartLinc.

Now, Smartlincs are failing, frequently. The SmartLinc product is no longer available for sale. Customers, including many with existing EZFlora (like myself), are being forced to transition to the HUB. So, I’d think you would be in a position to be able to clearly indicate whether EZFlora DOES, or DOES NOT work with the HUB.

I am trying to get a definitive answer from you because there is conflicting information out there right now. The EZFLora product page on the SmartHome website does indicate that the EZFlora is not compatible. HOWEVER, the very active Smarthome user forum indicates otherwise. There is a detailed post on that forum (link to it above) where a user has indicated 3 extensive, multi-step options to get the HUB and EZFlora to talk with each other. I have done my best to work those options, without success, having wasted at least 10 hours of effort thus far.

You talk with the technical people at Smarthome. You know your product, and are positioned better than any of the user community to know what’s going on with making EZFlora and HUB compatible. I’m just asking for you to give us a definitive answer as to whether it is currently possible to connect EZFlora to HUB … so that I, and others who follow, will not waste time to try to do what you and/or Smarthome may already know to be technically impossible. Or, if it does not work now, are there plans to make them work together at some point soon? Seems a reasonable customer inquiry, no?

I have posts on the Smarthome forum, as well as here, looking for anyone who has had success in getting EZFlora and HUB to work together. I am asking you here whether you know if it can be done. I have two calls into SmartHome technical people. They have not called back. I won’t be the last person asking this. And given the failure rate of SmartLincs … I suspect there will be a wave to follow. Posting a definitive answer here could help others down the road.

2. I did finally get the utility to work. It was user error. I was encountering a com port problem of some type. The USB slot I was using had me connecting through com port 7. For whatever reason, that was not working. When I changed my PLM to another USB slot, I was then able to connect without any difficulty. So, I can now control the EZFlora with the utility. Not ideal, but at least my EZFlora are no longer totally worthless.

3. As to the use of multiple controllers on a network: “as there is no convention in INSTEON that states that there can only be one controller for the network”. I am not a technical person. I do not have very much knowledge about home automation products, but I can tell you from both personal experience, and from reading extensively in the SmartHome forum …. more often than not, introducing multiple controllers into a home automation environment is just asking for chaos. I did it with both ISY/SmartLinc and HomeLinc/SmartLinc and wound up with a complete and total disaster. And there isn’t a single experienced user on the SmartHome forum who would recommend using anything in conjunction with an ISY. Which is why I ask …

Is it possible to use a Smartenit Controller to control only my EZFlora, while using a HUB to control all other Insteon devices?

If I must go the route of buying a Smartenit Controller to get my EZFlora to work, I would have no objections to trying to allow it to control all other Insteon devices as well. But, I don’t want to count on going down that path. I have 36 active Insteon devices, and 6 others sitting in a box awaiting installation. I really don’t want to have to set all that equipment up on yet another Controller, and cross my fingers that it all works, when I currently have the HUB working now. Would just prefer a Smartenit Controller to operate EZFlora and HUB everything else … if I knew it could be done without there being the chaos that I’ve encountered, and read about, with multiple controllers on a single network.

Thank you for your help here Justin.