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1) The INSTEON HUB is a Smarthome product…why is it perplexing to you that we cannot comment on the capabilities of another company’s product? If it works with our product or not would be a question for the manufacturer of said product. We have an open Command Set for anyone to interface with our products, but if a company either chooses not to interface with our product or has implemented the Command Set incorrectly, that isn’t something that we’re responsible for. I’m not aware of anyone that has had success with the Hub and the EZFlora working together and I have communicated the need for this to Smarthome many times over the past couple of years, but ultimately their decision to support the EZFlora or not is solely governed by them, not us. I hope that makes sense.

2) The Utility Suite will work with our EZSrve, EZIComm, a Smarthome PLC (2414U), or the Smarthome PLM (2412U, 2412S, 2413U, and 2413S). It does not interface with the SmartLinc. The connection to the EZFlora goes Laptop > 2413S > EZFlora…there is no Smartlinc in that equation. I’m a bit confused on how you’re trying to interface with the Smartlinc or Hub with the Utility Suite…the Utility Suite will not interface with either the Smartlinc or the Hub. Perhaps a phone call would be better to resolve any misunderstandings? Give me a call – (949) 429-3303 ext 2

3) You can use our gateway with any other INSTEON controller, as there is no convention in INSTEON that states that there can only be one controller for the network.

I hope that clears things up, but feel free to reply or give me a call for further clarification.