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BLH – Thank you. You’re right. It was a com port issue. When I used a different USB slot, the com port numbers changed and I was finally able to get the utility to connect to EZFlora.

I am still having some trouble trying to get the HUB to run EZFlora. I am over on the SmartHome forum now trying to get some assistance with this issue: http://forum.smarthome.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13123

Justin – still would like to know from Smartenit whether my efforts are simply a waste of time. Is it possible to get HUB to operate EZflora? At this point, I’d take just having the ability to individually turn each zone on and off. It’s my understanding that another user has gotten this to work via setting up a scene for each Zone. But, I am having some difficulty getting the HUB to establish scenes with EZFlora.

Again, assuming I never get HUB to work with EZFlora. Can I run a Smartenit Controller, controlling just EZflora, in conjunction with running the HUB? Sometimes, running multiple controllers simultaneously will not work. For example, I know that ISY needs dedicated access to your network. Is that also the case with Smartenit controllers?