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1. I am very perplexed by your statement “I was not aware that there was any way to get the EZFlora to work with the Hub as of yet, so I cannot comment on that.” If anyone knows whether the EZFlora works with the HUB, you would be that person. I’ve already wasted 3 hours trying to make it happen, I don’t want to waste more time trying to do what is not possible. Are you aware of anyone who has been successful in getting the EZFlora to operate with the HUB?

2. I have the HUB set up and all my devices are working with exception of the 2 EZFlora. If I were to buy one of your gateways and dedicate it to only operating the EZFlora … can that be accomplished? Will your gateways run in conjunction with the HUB? And if I do this, which of your gateways should I purchase?

3. Forgive me, but I am really confused as to exactly how your EZFlora utility program works. I have a 2413S connected to my laptop. When I had SmartLinc operating, I was able to use your Utility program on my laptop to access my EZFlora and set max run times. I did it twice in 3 or 4 years. Each time, I recall needing help in getting the program to connect to the EZFlora, but was eventually able to make it happen. Now that I no longer have a SmartLinc, and my HUB is up and running, I can not longer get your Utility Program to work. It simply will not connect to the EZFlora. Now, that would make sense to me if the communications went from Laptop > 2413S > SmartLinc > EzFlora and now my route is Laptop > 2413S > HUB > EzFlora. Is that what is going on? If not, and if I should still be able to connect to the EZFlora, what might I be doing wrong that prevents me from being able to make the connection?