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Hi there!

I understand your frustration completely…there are quite a few customers in the same predicament.

I was not aware that there was any way to get the EZFlora to work with the Hub as of yet, so I cannot comment on that.

Our Harmony gateways work wonderfully with the EZFlora and the majority of INSTEON devices on the market, as well as ZigBee devices, X10 devices and some WiFi devices.

If you’re looking for a gateway to do it all, then I would highly recommend getting our Harmony P2 with ZBPLM option.

Here’s the link for that – https://smartenit.com/product/harmony-p2/

Here is the link to all the devices that are currently supported by our iSmartenit app – https://smartenit.com/supported-devices/

If you’re like to take a test drive of our application and learn more about it, visit this page – http://wiki.smartenit.com/index.php?title=ISmartenit

I hope that helps,