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I’m sorry, did not get notified immediately about this post.

Since the firmware update, the OutletLink is now working properly based on the temperature settings provided by the ZBHT-2.

Good to hear that.

I notice that the temp/humidity readouts in iSmartenit aren’t updating every 3 minutes as stated it should. When I look at the ZBFT-2, the antennae icon shows steady indicating connection. Any thoughts as to why the readings aren’t updating as they should?

Let me get back to you on this after testing some things in the lab.

I mentioned this previously and I am still curious as to what the “Manage Links” function is in the iSmartenit settings for this device. Would these have anything to do with the inconsistent updates I am experiencing?

Manage Links allows you to add links(bindings in ZigBee terminology) to other ZigBee devices. This does not have anything to do with the inconsistent updates. I’ll check if there’s any documentation on using this functionality and post it back here.

Appreciate your patience. Thanks.