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I attempted to utilize a OutletLinc with a 48 volt transformer plugged into it and this wired directly to the mister’s sprinkler valve in an attempt to get this working. I have it scheduled to turn on at 90 degrees F and off at 88 degrees F. Here’s the programming language…

When “Temp/Humidity Sensor” Temperature is greater than 89 degrees F Every Day..
Turn On “Chicken Coop Misters”

Then another wizard as follows…

When “Temp/Humidity Sensor” Temperature is less than 89 degrees F Every Day..
Turn Off “Chicken Coop Misters”

Quotes to depict device name and not actually in wizard language. Unfortunately, this isn’t working. Although I can manually activate it at the OutletLinc and it works the valve as it should. Not sure why it’s not working through the iSmartenit app though. I do have a question regarding the ZBHT-2 settings within iSmartenit. There is a setting listed as “Manage Links”. Options include Gateway – On/Off or Metering and the two ZBMPlug15 modules (Switch) I have in the system. I’m not sure what these should be set to and if this has a bearing on why the control is not taking place. Any ideas or instructions? I’d still prefer to utilize the existing EZFlora but if I can get this OutletLinc system working, I’d be content.