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Maybe I’m expecting something to happen when it doesn’t by design? So when I enter a new zip code and then click the search button, nothing officially updates until I then click the save button, wait 30 seconds and then navigate back to the time zone page? I just did this and it is now properly populated. Not exactly intuitive but it seemed to work. It would be more reassuring to have all the settings first populate with correct data and then allow you to save them. But if this is the process and it sticks, I’m good with that. 8)

But I’m still left with the question as to why it altered these settings randomly in the first place. Is there a certain situation that requires resetting the time zone? Powering off (power failure), loss of internet or something else? Just trying to figure out what may be causing the change in time in the first place.

Let’s see if it sticks or not this time and if not, I’ll let you know. Sorry to have taken so much of your time but I do appreciate your help. I do have another question regarding the temperature probe but I’ll start a new thread for that.